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100 Things

  1. I can’t crochet myself out of a brown paper sack.
  2. But I did crochet a border around this blanket.
  3. But I’m a pretty darn good knitter
  4. I like to knit socks.
  5. I only listen to Christian music
  6. I am accident prone.
  7. I used to barrel race when I was a kid.
  8. I’ve owned 3 horses in my life; Stormy, Casper, and Jr.
  9. I can’t ride a motorcycle.
  10. In fact, I’m scared to death of them.
  11. I have arachnophobia.
  12. But it’s not as bad as it used to be.
  13. I have a heart murmur.
  14. I am pretty gadget savvy.
  15. Sometimes I talk in LOLCat without realizing that normal people might not think it’s funny- or know what I’m doing.
  16. Our family pets include two Chihuahua’s; Lucy & Barley.
  17. Barley was named after the band BarlowGirl.
  18. We call Lucy the Lickle Monster. (She’s a little OCD about licking people… and things.)
  19. I was in foster care.
  20. I was adopted when I was a teenager.
  21. Because of that I have two mothers.
  22. My biological mother died (2/9/08)
  23. I first gave my heart to Christ after being scared with a video about going to hell.
  24. I was reborn and began a real relationship with Christ in my twenties.
  25. I am a bleeding heart when it comes to animals.
  26. My husband is lucky I haven’t rescued wildlife.
  27. God blessed me with a mother’s heart, but I can’t conceive any more children.
  28. We now have another excellent reason to foster/adopt.
  29. God has called me to ministry in Africa.
  30. That’s why love Africa’s Hope.
  31. I was interviewed and offered a job at Microsoft. I didn’t accept. (see #24)
  32. I don’t drink soda.
  33. Or alcohol.
  34. Sushi is one of my favorite foods to eat.
  35. I am a podcaster.
  36. I used to have a pet Lion.
  37. We had a band at our wedding.
  38. They only played worship songs.
  39. I’m writing a book.
  40. But I haven’t focused on it enough.
  41. I’m seriously considering becoming a Shepherd.
  42. For now I’m a web developer and photographer.
  43. I got my favorite coffee mug as a gift from my best friend back in 2003 and I still use it daily.
  44. I love journals.
  45. I don’t have any friends of the opposite sex.
  46. My husband and I observe this to affair-proof our marriage.
  47. I enjoy dates to Best Buy with my husband.
  48. I also like to geek out with him and do nothing but work on getting some new gadget or software to work.
  49. My favorite phone is the Android.
  50. I play Spider Solitaire or Mahjong when I’m waiting sometimes.
  51. Or I knit.
  52. I want to learn how to spin yarn.  I have learned how to spin yarn on a spinning wheel.
  53. I also want to learn how to dye yarn with more than just Kool-Aid.
  54. I have only been outside the U.S. a few times.
  55. I’ve been to Australia, Bahamas, and Mexico.
  56. I have been to Hawaii twice. It’s almost like leaving the U.S.
  57. My husband and I have a heart for marriage ministry.
  58. Because my birthday is near Christmas, I have rarely ever had a “real” birthday party.
  59. But I do enjoy celebrating with all the family who are around for the holidays.
  60. I have some 10 year friendships with people I only know online.
  61. I never watched LOST until we saw that 5 seasons were on Netflix Instant.
  62. We watched all 5 seasons over the course of a few weeks.
  63. Then we stopped our lives for the weekly episode in Season 6.
  64. I’m very glad I didn’t do that for the last 6 years… it was torture.
  65. I love horses and would love to own one.
  66. I enjoy watching movies about the Bible – especially on Sunday night at 9pm (Central).
  67. One of my favorites is Joseph with Ben Kingsley.
  68. I was only in Seattle for a weekend with my husband, but it left a lasting mark on my heart.
  69. I have recently started making our own laundry soap.
  70. And household cleaners.
  71. I homeschool our kids.
  72. We love to go swimming while the other kids are in public school.
  73. I feel so fortunate to have wonderful In-Laws.
  74. I met my husband through a Singles Ministry.
  75. We are so much alike, yet so different.
  76. I enjoy audio books while I drive and while I knit.
  77. One of my favorite books is The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien.
  78. I really enjoy mowing the lawn.
  79. I also like when it’s really hot outside.
  80. I love the feel of getting into a car that’s been sitting in the sun for a while.
  81. I don’t turn the air on right away.
  82. I have long hair.
  83. But it has nothing to do with homeschooling, church, or being a homemaker.
  84. I plan to donate it to Locks of Love in memory of my friend Dana Shafer.
  85. I like to play Scrabble with my friends on Facebook.
  86. I’m not a fan of the iPhone or iPad.
  87. But I look forward to the Android tablet PC.
  88. My great grandmother lived till she was 100.
  89. I have been surfing once – in Hawaii.
  90. I love roller coasters.
  91. But I get motion sick on things that spin.
  92. Or in cars and boats.
  93. On a scuba trip, we saw whales. Even a mom and baby.
  94. While snorkeling we saw a sea turtle who inspected us intently.
  95. I like the Dog Whisperer.
  96. I enjoy baking.
  97. Especially homemade bread.
  98. I drive a mini-van.
  99. I sleep on my stomach.
  100. I am a Proverbs 31 Woman. :)