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Handknit Socks

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Finally finished knitting this pair of socks for my husband exactly one year after I started them. I learned a few lessons along the way:

  1. My husband has giant man-feet.
  2. Socks take a really long time to knit.
  3. No matter how much fun/easy it is to knit socks one at a time, that method will only lead me to Second Sock Syndrome and it’s going to take me a year to finish the pair.

I started this project while we were on vacation thinking that it would be easy to knit while driving, flying, sailing, etc. I was correct about that. By the end of our week long vacation I had gone from toe to heel. While traveling home I worked my way up the leg, but as soon as we were home this poor sock was set aside for other things.

The pattern for this sock was something I made up as I went along. This is difficult when you’re knitting socks one at a time since you kinda want them to be the same. I ended up taking notes on the airline cocktail napkin.


Barely surviving

So here are the pattern details:

Pattern: My Own Napkin Pattern
Yarn: Zitron Trekking (XXL)
Needles: US 2
Ravelry Link

TrekkingThese socks did indeed bring about many compliments considering how the yarn worked itself into such an amazing pattern. I would get compliments while knitting in the airport, on the plane, on our cruise, and pretty much anywhere I sat working on them.

At one time a few older ladies (who were all veteran knitters) were going on so much that I finally realized they thought I was working them fair isle! I showed them the yarn and they were doubly impressed at such a genius idea for yarn. They were still doubtful they’d knit socks, but all said that yarn such as this would make it more fun.

Now let me close this blog post with the notes that I took on the napkin. If anyone is ever interested, I’ll write it up into somewhat of a proper pattern.

CO 24 (12 on each needle)

Increase every other rnd to 60 sts

K4, P2 on top of foot
K bottom of foot
Repeat for 9″

Heel flap over 30 sts:

Slp1, K across
Slp1, P across
Repeat for 30 rnds

Turn Heel:

Slp1, K15, K2tog, k1, turn
Slp1, P5, P2tog, p1, turn

Pu and k 15sts, K across top of foot, Pu and k 15sts (47 heel + 30 top)

This is as far as I wrote the pattern on the napkin. However, if you are a sock knitter you will know that you’ll need to decrease the heel sts until you’re back to 30. I did:

K 1, SSK, knit to last 3, K2tog, k1
Knit all

(Repeat until you have 60 total sts)

Once you’re back to 60, you can continue the pattern in a k4, p2 over all 60 sts to give the sock lots of stretch, but to hold itself up nicely. I finished with EZ’s sewn cast off. This link has great photos and the how-to.

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