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Altar For The Lord

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I wasn’t always the extreme self-proclaimed Jesus Freak that I am now. A few years ago God changed me.

He planted a seed years ago and I could feel that “something” growing inside of me. It’s very easy to ignore, but it’s so fulfilling when you finally allow God to truly… let me say that again truly lead your life.

That’s what I did.

My name was Katherine. People know me as Katherine. They called me Katherine. My birth name remains Katherine. But during this time of what can be described as the “born again” experience, God changed my name to Kate. It wasn’t a booming voice I heard aloud, but it was indeed God who made the change.

In the Bible God changes several names. Abram became Abraham and his wife Sarai became Sarah. Saul became Paul. Peter became Simon and of course Jacob became Israel.

But why? Why does God give someone a new name? He does this to establish a new identity. In my case, my name was changed to show me His divine plan and to show me that I have a new mission in my life.

For those who know me as Kate, you know me as this new person God has created within me. A few of my friends still call me Katherine or other nicknames, which serves to remind me of the old life that I do not want to return to.

Don’t think that the righteous path is not so very narrow. It is. It seems that more trials fall upon those who are walking this narrow path, and yet in the pain we rejoice and praise him for these trials. Maybe that’s why we’re called Jesus “freaks”.

Yesterday Jerry reminded me of how many times Abram built an altar to worship the Lord when He had changed him, moved him, or visited him. Abram would take 12 uncut stones and stack them up as an altar and name it in honor of God. Every one who sees these altars know that they are built for God and continue to worship Him there.

Over the past few years, Jerry and I have collected small stones and saved them. We picked up one in Hawaii, one in Florida, and others here and there. We weren’t really sure why we did it until now.

We both are destined for great things that will bring glory to God. Therefore I have built an alter to the commemorate the Lord for all He has done and all He will do and we will worship Him at this altar.

Alter To God

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