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Millions of Peaches

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Sometimes one good deed deserves another.

The other day we saw our neighbor working in his yard during the middle of the day. He’s been working on his house and building a garage, and because of the mess he and his wife are temporarily living in their rental house. We knew he was probably hot and tired and since the house is in partial use, may not be stocked with groceries.

The kiddos and I found a giant plastic cup and filled it to the brim with ice cold lemonade. We gave it to him and said that we were just thinking he may need a refreshment.

The next day, we came home from a day at the pool to find not only the returned plastic cup depleted of the delicious lemonade, but also a large bucket of peaches from his tree! We used this example to talk to our kids about the surprise blessings that are bestowed when we reach out and bless others with no desire for anything in return.

Next lesson: Sugar-free Peach Jam!

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