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The Birds Have Mad Cow Disease

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This morning while I was out on our front step reading the book of Job, I heard a familiar buzzing sound. I looked up and saw a tiny little hummingbird not more than 3 feet away from me. I thought oh what a cute little guy, you sure are brave!

The more he lingered around, looking at me, I started to think please don’t stab me with that pointy little beak… I’m not your lunch.

He flew off a few seconds later, but it reminded me of the mockingbird that has been terrorizing the cats in our neighborhood, including poor Nelson. Apparently these mockingbirds are extremely territorial and protective of their nests. Nelson would be sleeping in the sun on our deck while this crazy bird would sit on the rail and make a loud clicking noise at him.

Hiding From A Crazy BirdA few days later we saw the same bird dive bomb him and peck at his tail. Jer and I were both amazed at the bravery of this bird… or maybe it’s sheer stupidity. After all, Nelson is an accomplished bird hunter and has brought us many a trophy. I was sure that he’d kill any bird that was close enough. But alas, this bird had him shaking in his boots.

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