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A Huntin’ We Will Go

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Yesterday evening we packed up the kids and drove to a nearby blueberry farm. Or is it called an orchard? Either way the kids were pretty excited about this endeavor. At first I thought the excitement was due to the potential yummy snacks, desserts, and muffins they would get to eat, but soon realized they liked the hunt.

Each kid got a large bucket lined with a plastic bag, and were sent off to find their share of the harvest. We walked down rows and rows of berry bushes picking and choosing as we went. Jer pointed out which would be sour and which would turn out to be sweet.

We hunted for quite a while and when we thought we had enough, we started to head back. The kids really wanted to stay and keep picking which made me smile since they usually complain about any work at all. Maybe we should hire them out to the farm as workers!

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