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image If you haven’t met before, this is Lucy. She’s our almost 3 year old chihuahua, purchased as a way of rescuing her from a puppy mill where she was one of hundreds. I really put up a fight about getting a hua – that’s what we call them for short. I always thought them to be “fluff” dogs that were often unruly, stupid, and stubborn. Boy was I wrong!

Lucy has turned out to be one of the best pets we could have imagined. We’ve trained her to do a number of tricks – performed for a single Cheerio – and not to bark. This was key for me. Who wants a yippy, yappy, 4 pound pooch that annoys all your guests day and night? Not me!

Lucy is very obedient as well. We’ve taught her to stay in our kitchen, laundry, and her bedroom (a small 1/2 bath used exclusively as a pet room). She will stop at the threshold between the living room and kitchen, even when someone tries to coax her to come into the living room she won’t. That is, unless you touch the door knob. Then she will run right to the front door!

So even though I’ve always had a heart for the larger breeds, I’m very happy with Lucy. So happy in fact, we have TWO huas! I’ll introduce Barlow (Barley for short) another time.

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